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UNESCO Chair Symposium: The Social Pillar of Sustainability

School of Sustainability, IDC, Herzliya

19-20 December, 2012

radio finalThe concept of sustainability is composed of three main pillars: environmental, economic and social. Yet, it is an ill-defined concept. Not only is it very inclusive and hard to narrow down, its meaning depends on context and user; it is dynamic in space and time and used differently by opposing ideologies. This vagueness and complexity are even more prominent when we come to examine the social pillar of sustainability, which unlike environmental sciences, environmental engineering or environmental economics is harder to monitor, measure and evaluate. Our international conference concentrates on that pillar- the social pillar- and brings various disciplinary perspectives on the topic. Speakers and panelist will try to tackle questions such as:

  • What is, or should be, included under the social pillar of sustainability?
  • How should these be translated into various practices and policies?
  • How should cultural and justice parameters be incorporated into policy and practice?
  • Who should educate for social sustainability?
  • What would be effective ways to educate various audiences- and in particular professionals and higher education audience- for social sustainability?

Dr. Jyoti Hosagrahar gave a talk on “Culture and Sustainable Development: South Asian Perspectives”

For the Conference programme, please click here.

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