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Reading the Historic Landscape

Saturday, 27th September 2014

A Joint event by ISOLA Delhi Chapter & ICOMOS INDIA

A collaboration between ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter and ICOMOS India (National Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes), the event Reading the Historic Landscape’ explores unique perspectives in reading, comprehending and engaging with the context.

The half day event was an engagement with experts from realms other than our own to absorb the nuances of natural, cultural and historic landscapes and to set the stage for an the exchange of ideas and between landscape architects, heritage conservationists and associated disciplines.

Many global debates are centred upon the nature- culture dichotomy. Until recently in India, this dichotomy was a continuum that was an inherent part of our ethos. The disruption in engagement with the natural context, of ‘what exists’ before we create ‘what will be’ has spurred a recent trend of global homogenisation. Contemporary design practice often results in statements disconnected with the contextual reality with unfortunate consequences.

Reading the historic landscape is an attempt to recognise that the design process needs to be a seamless continuation of natural landscape patterns that our compositions should respond to. With a distinguished panel that includes a cartographer, an ecologist and an urbanist, we hope you will join us in a short but intense journey into the natural with the footprint of the cultural.

Image Credit:ISOLA