Cultural Tourism

SUI designs and plans tourism development strategies at various scales from individual structures to cities and regions with multiple heritage sites. Strategies are designed to enhance visitor experience while protecting heritage assets, and contributing to people-centered economic development.
In promoting heritage-based tourism for sustainable development, SUI views heritage as cultural landscapes beyond just the monuments and respects the inherited resources and knowledge of people and communities.

Our designs, plans and strategies include

  • Strategies for heritage-led tourism destination development
  • Strategies for infrastructure development compatible with heritage identity
  • Documentation and analysis of tangible and intangible heritage
  • Guidelines and regulations for managing heritage assets including adaptive reuse
  • Design of signage and hospitality facilities compatible with heritage character

Digital Multimedia for Heritage

SUI promotes awareness about cultural heritage using new media and digital technology to interpret, document, visualize, reconstruct, make accessible and build support networks of heritage sites.
Digital multimedia presentations integrate in-depth historical research, audio narrative, interviews, music, images, digital reconstructions and walk-through animations for on-site display at heritage sites, museums, tourist centers, libraries, schools and the world wide web.
SUI’s innovative research and technology based digital multimedia connects monuments with cities, people, place, traditions, intangible heritage, and natural landscape.

We design, develop and produce

  • Digital multimedia
  • Digital documentation and archiving
  • Laser Scanning and digital 3D reconstruction and walkthrough of heritage buildings and places
  • Web interface design and development including social media
  • Brochures, maps, and print publications

Planning & Design for Cultural Heritage

SUI develops plans for conserving and managing cultural heritage as well as for sustainable urban development that is compatble with and builds upon heritage and identity of the place.
From transportation and land-use plans to social housing, SUI’s designs strategies adopt an inclusive and participatory approach to bring about the benefits of modernization while minimizing cultural dislocations.

Our designs, plans and policies include

  • Cultural heritage management strategies
  • Master-plan and land-use plans, and regulations
  • Green design and design of infrastructural systems compatible with heritage
  • Design and redevelopment of streets, street facades, heritage walks, waterfronts, and public spaces
  • Housing planning and design
  • Design and policies for compatible adaptive re-use of heritage structures and spaces

Adapting Heritage for Livelihood Strategies

SUI designs and interacts with communities to develop  livelihood strategies based on heritage. From the development of tourism related products and services to the design of festivals and cultural events, SUI’s strategies retain and revive traditional forms, use and activities while adapting them to contemporary conditions. Sustainable livelihood strategies are aimed at poverty alleviation and empowerment of women and marginalized populations through microenterprises. Efforts include participatory design, supportive policies, training and capacity-building.

  • Home-stay and small-scale hospitality services
  • Local cuisine development in restaurants, cafes and vendors
  • Integration of vendors and microenterprise retail through public space design
  • Microenterprises related to crafts, souvenirs and creative products
  • Revival, design and adaptation of building crafts
  • Integration of performing arts into public spaces