Transforming Waste Space

Anandrao Circle Flyover : Innovating Public Space in Bangalore

Collaborative Studio

SUI Bangalore | GSAPP, Columbia University, New York | Srishti School of Design and Technology

Bangalore, once a provincial town known for its gardens, has emerged in the few decades as the Silicon Valley of India. A thriving metropolis of nine million residents, the city houses hundreds of multinational firms like IBM, Phillips, Microsoft, GE, Bosch, and HP. In recent years countless flyovers, bridges, and elevated motorways have transformed the city. While public spaces and parks have woefully diminished, Bangalore has acquired vast amounts of non-descript, underutilized, and unfriendly ‘wasted’ spaces beneath the new concrete infrastructure. In recent months the city has also been battling a crisis of solid-waste management.

Together with the BBMP, the workshop undertook the implementation of a demonstration at Anand Rao Circle in Bangalore. Identifying a prominent space at the circle under the flyover that was filled with trash and debris, the workshop converted the space into a public space for a few moments of respite at a busy intersection. The workshop used scrap from billboards to fabricate a series of metal frames and benches, and reused discarded pavers and gravel created seating areas. Existing signage boards, and fences were incorporated into the design. The concrete pillars were cleaned and painted in cheerful colors. Much research on plants that grow in shade with less water was undertaken along with the BBMP horticulture department. The idea is that creepers would wrap around the pillars and plants would provide much needed relief and counter pollution in the city. The entire project was carried out in two and half weeks with the support of BBMP. Columbia University, New York supported the travel of the students to Bangalore. Utilize waste and recycled materials to construct.

Transforming Waste Space to Public Space: Designing for Sustainability under Bangalore’s Anand Rao Flyover

Presentation by Columbia students, to BBMP with the concept for design of space under Anand Rao Flyover, Bangalore.

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