Changing Landscape of Water, Delhi

The Changing Landscape of Water in Delhidelhi1


An investigation of the ways that global cultures of water and patterns of urban development have negotiated with local practices and local geographies. The conflicts between the global modernity of skyscrapers, flyovers, and IT ‘parks’ and inherited local practices of living and building have largely resulted in an erosion of the latter. The transformations in the cultural landscape of water is an area where the dilemmas between universal globality and the unique locality are very evident. The project traces the changing relationship between culture, nature, and urban built environment in Delhi, India and its significance for planning.



  • “Landscapes of Water: Negotiating Global norms and Local Cultures in Delhi”. In Andre Sorensen and Junichiro Okata (eds.), Megacities: Urban Form, Sustainability, Livability, and Planning. Tokyo, Springer, forthcoming.