Hoysala region

Hoysala Heritage Region, Karnataka, India, October 2006 to December 2007.




An investigation of the 900 year old Hoysala heritage and cultural landscape of the region in and around Belur and Halebeedu, Karnataka and its relevance to modern development. As part of UNESCO’s Indian Heritage Passport Program, the work explored the potentials and problems of developing heritage tourism in the region and proposed strategies for promoting sustainable development. Focusing mainly on Hassan district, the project included more than 10 towns and settlements.


  • Definition of culture heritage and identifying heritage elements in the Hoysala Heritage Region
  • Definition and conceptualization of the Hoysala Heritage Region.
  • Identifying characteristics of built form in the heritage region.
  • Conceptualization of potentials and challenges to conservation of heritage.
  • Conceptualization of potentials and challenges to tourism development.
  • Analysis of local needs and resources.



  • Indian Heritage Passport Program : On the Hoysala Trail in Karnataka, Concept Paper. A monograph for UNESCO and the Government of Karnataka, Department of Kannada and Culture, Information and Tourism, June 2007. With input from Yushi Kawaguchi and Moe Chiba.